Friday, 8 April 2011

Some New Friends - via Facebook

It's been a busy week or so in our household so there's been no time for posting. Actually, I couldn't get a'hold of the laptop because BM's been busy doing Golden Retriever business on Facebook.

She got herself involved in the plight of Busta, a Golden Retriever accused of attacking some of his family and his neighbour at home a fortnight ago.

Now BM thought there might be more to this story because video footage of Busta certainly didn't show an agrressive dog; just a scared pooch being riled up by stupid humans called journalists (!!) To cut a very long story short, she joined in a Facebook page dedicated to ensuring Busta wasn't sent to Rainbow Bridge before his time and phoned and wrote to the local Mayor - along with thousands of other people. Apparently the Council said the phone system nearly melted! And Twitterdom (I have my own Twitter) went wild too!

Busta is now having a break with a pooch behaviourist and it looks like a Good News Story with a Happy Ending. Read more on Busta's Facebook page:

Busta is soo handsome and gentle; I'm really glad everything will work out okay.

Woofs from me and Tyler

Friday, 1 April 2011


There's always great excitement in our house when BM comes home after a day at work but this pooch welcome really takes the cake!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

On Cars, Dogs and Good Deeds

It's Grand Prix weekend here in Melbourne and we can hear the whine of racing cars at Albert Park across the city to our house this morning. Confined to barracks as I am at present, those noisy engines are making me dream of our road trips - Tyler hanging out the window, people admiring me in the back seat as we make our way through city traffic to the beach.

We love driving about in the car and so I thought this news article would be interesting to you, my fellow traveller dogs.

Dr Katrina is a wonderful vet who supports Golden Retriever Rescue (the link is on this blog) and Riley, of course is the star of the show. Dr Katrina fostered Riley who was rescued from dreadful circumstances which I'll quote directly from GRR:

" Riley, who is approximately two years old was left in a run set up by Griffith Pound for people who wish to anonymously dump their dogs. He was emaciated, limping badly on one of his front paws and within two days had pus erupting from the swelling on his paw. Katherine from Lab Rescue took Riley to her vet and a mercy dash up the Hume Highway followed with GRR's foster carers, Lee and Warwick waiting in a car park late at night to take are of him. GRR's vet found Lee waiting on the door step the next morning and Riley is now resting quietly at Wendy's home.

The infected swelling in his foot revealed two grass seeds embedded far into his paw but more alarming than this were the four identical marks on each paw where the skin had been rubbed raw and large round sores had formed and become infected. These rub marks and round sores indicate that Riley has been tied by each foot for a long period of time by thick rope which has been knotted. While this is incomprehensible to all of us his horrific past is just that, it is passed and now Riley has a future which is abuse free. His owners have done their worst but they didn't break this special man's spirit. Riley is willing to trust and comes up wagging his tail for some attention of the loving kind."

Riley now lives with Dr Katrina and her family and participates in Dr Katrina's media work highlighting pooch rescue and other aspects of dog care. His wounds have healed and his happy kind nature has come to the fore. And so Riley is now the happiest poster boy in Australia!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Uh Oh I'm Getting Older

After our splendid outing to the beach on Sunday, BM noticed that I was limping on my left rear leg this week. A couple of years ago, I had surgery to repair a very busted up cruciate ligament on this leg so you can imagine the consternation in the household now! I was very worried that I'd have to wear another one of these satellite dishes on my head.

Fortunately, Dr Natalie today pronounced that I just have a strain but arthritis is setting in because I'm now a Senior Pooch. So, my dinner will now include lots of Sasha's Blend (smells fishy, yum!) and I'm confined to barracks for the rest of the week...sigh. At least my butt doesn't have to be shaved again like this. The shame of it all still makes me blush.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

And So Goes Sunday

Today was beach day! We went to a local Melbourne beach called Altona - no surf like on the great Ocean Road but lots of fun nonetheless. BM likes Altona because that's where our current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, hails from; she is the first female PM in Australia. I'd like Julia even more if she could arrange a little surf for me.

There were fabulous smells to roll in.......

.....and a wave boarder to chase

Now I'm completely pooped and dreaming of Easter when we head to Apollo Bay where I'll surf to my heart's delight.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday Musings

Saturday is always special in our house. The humans are home all day and we poddle about together doing stuff inside and out. But, first up, Tyler had to visit our vet, Dr Alex, for her annual shots. We love going to Alex who has known us since we were both puppies. I really like visiting Alex when Tyler is the subject of examination - I swear she blushes at thermometer time! The best part of the day was a visit to Fleming Park so we could sniff about the gum trees and chase each other about the oval. This is my favourite park ever. If I'm lucky, there are sometimes excellent puddles to loll about in - BM (Bailey's Mother) says I look like a Double Decker chocolate when we come home and people admire my mud pack on the walk back through Lygon Street!

Alas, there were no puddles today but it was all fun nonetheless. And then to an afternoon rest to ponder how lucky I am to live with Tyler and my humans.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Welcome to My Blog

Hello, my name is Bailey. I'm a seven year old Golden Retriever who lives in Melbourne, Australia with my humans and my buddy Tyler. Tyler was a rescue puppy found on the street when she was very tiny so we don't know too much about her early life. But I can tell you that she's my best friend and co - barker; and we keep the humans wrapped around our little paws. And we love our photos being be prepared for lots of shots of our adventures. I hope you'll join in on my blog!