Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday Musings

Saturday is always special in our house. The humans are home all day and we poddle about together doing stuff inside and out. But, first up, Tyler had to visit our vet, Dr Alex, for her annual shots. We love going to Alex who has known us since we were both puppies. I really like visiting Alex when Tyler is the subject of examination - I swear she blushes at thermometer time! The best part of the day was a visit to Fleming Park so we could sniff about the gum trees and chase each other about the oval. This is my favourite park ever. If I'm lucky, there are sometimes excellent puddles to loll about in - BM (Bailey's Mother) says I look like a Double Decker chocolate when we come home and people admire my mud pack on the walk back through Lygon Street!

Alas, there were no puddles today but it was all fun nonetheless. And then to an afternoon rest to ponder how lucky I am to live with Tyler and my humans.


  1. Hi there Bailey! Nice to meet you! I found you in Toby's blog. My name is Amber-Mae, 5 years old & I am from Malaysia! You are a very beewootiful Golden girl. WOW that's one very huge muddy puddle! Bet it was fun playing in there.

  2. Hi Amber, pleased to meet you too. That was the best puddle ever. I found a really black muddy one last month and BM reckons everyone laughed at me, even people driving down the street. I wish there were photos as I looked resplendent. I love your tongue photos; might find some mayo tomorrow to practice.

  3. Ooooo, that puddle looks mighty inviting, yesh, it certainly does and it looks like there is room for a couple more!

    We come here from Toby and Maxmom's bloggy. We are furry pleased to meet you!

  4. Hey there Bailey...
    Muddy excursions are my best! We could be partners in crime.
    Sending lotsalicks

  5. Muddy puddles are the best!