Friday, 8 April 2011

Some New Friends - via Facebook

It's been a busy week or so in our household so there's been no time for posting. Actually, I couldn't get a'hold of the laptop because BM's been busy doing Golden Retriever business on Facebook.

She got herself involved in the plight of Busta, a Golden Retriever accused of attacking some of his family and his neighbour at home a fortnight ago.

Now BM thought there might be more to this story because video footage of Busta certainly didn't show an agrressive dog; just a scared pooch being riled up by stupid humans called journalists (!!) To cut a very long story short, she joined in a Facebook page dedicated to ensuring Busta wasn't sent to Rainbow Bridge before his time and phoned and wrote to the local Mayor - along with thousands of other people. Apparently the Council said the phone system nearly melted! And Twitterdom (I have my own Twitter) went wild too!

Busta is now having a break with a pooch behaviourist and it looks like a Good News Story with a Happy Ending. Read more on Busta's Facebook page:

Busta is soo handsome and gentle; I'm really glad everything will work out okay.

Woofs from me and Tyler

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